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RTL 102.5

+ 194% of unique users for the largest Italian radio


The RTL 102.5 challenge concerned one of the crucial topics of the SEO: a complete migration of the portal, aimed at complete graphic restyling.


To carry out the migration correctly, a complete mapping of all the portal resources was carried out, so as to be able to uniquely redirect the old corresponding resources to the new resources. The infrastructural redesign took into account the protection of the URLs, trying to redirect them with respect to the new sections of belonging (not simply to the home page as often tends to do, erroneously), since only in this way was it
It is possible to fully preserve the previously acquired traffic, safeguarding the customer from any risk.

activities carried out

Technical and
architectural analysis

It is essential to analyse, in a site, all the technical aspects which are capable of contributing to its strength or weakness…


The keyword analysis is one of the most important issues to be addressed in order to achieve significant results and achieve the conversion goal set …


Activities in the migration phase aim at safeguarding the trust of the domain name and the relevance/visibility of the indexed resources for the search engines…

Accomplished results

  • + 194% unique users
  • + 200% keywords indexed
  • – 4.75% rebound rate

Today the RTL portal, after its migration, has a more agile infrastructure, has maintained its traffic levels and, thanks to the operations carried out, shows a constant and significant growth in the number of visitors.


Eugenio La Teana

We have approached the world of SEO
thanks to Natural Index and I must say that I have discovered a world

Editorial director
RTL 102.5