case histories

Italia Independent

The Italia Independent website, a very famous eyewear brand, enjoyed a good volume of traffic, but this did not correspond to an adequate conversion rate. Natural Index intervened to increase the number of conversions (in this case, purchases).

In order to achieve this goal, the competitive environment was first analysed and, through analytics, it was discovered how much of the traffic to the site was out of target, given that a significant number of users, who landed on the portal, were not interested in purchasing glasses, but rather in reading some fashion news. Once it was established how the traffic had not been correctly profiled, significant changes were made to the contents concerning the product sheets.

A month after the end of these intense work activities, there was more targeted traffic with a conversion growth of around 450%. In order to consolidate this result, our SEO team reshaped the content that showed greater weakness on the SEO side, in order to further increase traffic and the number of conversions.