Natural, organic, long-lasting

Natural Index’s SEO



Natural Index’s SEO is focused on the optimization of on-site resources and on the individual fine-tuning of the attributes of every single page, according to its competitive context, so that the search engine can recognize them as a greater value. This increase will allow the natural increment of page ranking.
The natural SEO involves off-site interventions only in case of portals for which backlinks represent a natural phenomenon. These interventions result in the acquisition, management and reclamation of backlinks themselves.
It is important to emphasise that the practice, which is still largely widespread today, of wanting to stimulate the increase of a site’s traffic, through the exchange of links within a Private Blog Network, represents – like other non-natural SEO methods – one of the main threats to health and sustainability of web projects in the medium and long term.



Natural Index’s SEO is implemented by intervening fully on each section of the website, in order to give it strength in an organic and holistic way, by enhancing the overall infrastructure, as well as improving the single pages.

This process, which requires dedication and precision, results in the optimization of the site for the entire population of strategic keywords (on average, thousands…); this granular approach allows an effective positioning in the single niches of search. The keywords that are selected for each page derive from the study of the target users’ search intent (keywords keeping).


Which generates Trust

Natural Index’s SEO ultimately aims to increase the trust of the domain name. This is one of the most important aspects, not only in the short-term, but above all, in the medium and long term for a website’s strength. The assignment of a high level of trust means being able to be considered reliable by the search engine; this results in better ranking in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page), and therefore more visibility on Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu.



Natural Index’s SEO is an asset that lasts. In fact, the natural SEO is the only one that enables long-term results. An investment that endures over the years, even without constant maintenance of the website.


Which generates stability

Organic and natural, Natural Index’s SEO is not subject to the risk of penalization in case of updates of search engine algorithms. This is because we implement a set of techniques aimed at enhancing quality content. On the contrary, search engine updates always penalize sites with poor quality content and which use practices aimed at obtaining undeserved traffic. Natural SEO generates stability in the rankings, precisely because it starts from authentic and valuable contents and from the infrastructural and technical optimization of a site; this way, it expresses the maximum potential of the site towards its target.


Specific for the customer

Natural Index’s SEO is like a “tailored suit”, modelled on the technical and strategic characteristics of the customer. This is guaranteed by a careful dialogue with the company – in particular with its marketing, IT and communication specialists – and by a deep technical analysis of the website.


Which improves the management of advertising

The implementation of a shrewd SEO strategy allows greater awareness in the management of SEA campaigns (Google AdWords). By working in a profound way on the entire population of strategic keywords for the project – not wholly focused on advertising for economic reasons – the Natural Index’s SEO provides more security in identifying the search keys that will give the greatest return from an investment in advertising.



Our SEO respects the customer and the web ecology. Since it is not based on bad link building or other unfair, shortsighted and substantially counterproductive practices, but up industrial competence and quantity of commitment and hard work; aims to transform optimized pages into a lasting asset of the company, capable of generating value over time, and helping users find quality content. All in a transparent way and with long-lasting results.