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Even though we mainly work on the optimization of international projects, we haven’t developed a sales structure abroad and we don’t have offices abroad yet.

We are going to actively look for Senior Sales Accounts abroad only when we are going to seriously commit to a specific new market, developing our physical presence, in order to ensure full support to our colleagues there.

Having said this, if you are an experienced Sales Account and you believe you have what it takes to help us develop foreign sales, contact us.

Who we are

We are exclusively focused on natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO), with experience gained in the optimization of over 800 web portals worldwide. We work as suppliers to multinationals, SMEs (with a focus on e-commerce), software houses and web agencies.

We firmly believe that hyper-specialization is a strategic choice for us, that allows us to work with various operators and to develop abilities that just a few have on the market, thus reaching very high levels of performance.

Our team counts on some of the best SEO specialists in Europe, previously SEO managers in world-famous e-commerce groups.

Our goal is to become the #1 SEO agency in Europe by maintaining a natural method and an excellent level of performance. This is why we are looking for passionate and capable people who, if well supported, can help us expand the company on the market.

What we offer

Unique value proposition: 9 out of 10 of the websites we analyze we measure huge unexpressed potential and we identify the exact way to fully express it.
This is due to a level of specialization and technical understanding of algorithm dynamics that is second to none.

A positive impact on the market: we have always promoted a natural way of doing SEO by offering our customers lasting results and by guaranteeing a quality and performance level that is radically higher than the market average. The companies you are going to work with will be grateful to you for giving them the opportunity to meet us.

An exceptional team: you will work with great SEO experts and people who love their work You will work alongside a team of capable and humble people, who will always be available to support you and share their own experience. …

A career opportunity: we are a rapidly expanding company with great ambitions. We target commercial development in the main European Countries, as well as overseas. There will be important career opportunities for those who will grow with us.

Support and training: we invest considerably in training our sales team and we believe that the most Sales Account are those who appreciate and deeply understand the service they propose. You will be well supported and you will have the chance to learn a lot.

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